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This article mainly elaborates on the significance of and the mechanism for the research into the microorganism fermentation of crop stalks feedstuff, the choice of microorganism strains, the situation with the feeding of animals with microorganism-fermented crop stalks feedstuff, and the prospect for application of microorganism fermented crop feedstuff.


Five strains of cellulose-decomposing bacterium RC-2starch-decomposing bacterium C-24aroma-forming bacterium R-3nitrogen-transforming bacterium YG and acid-inducing bacterium XJ were mixed in the proportion of 3:4:2:2:4 to make the bacterial strains complexRice straw was used as raw material and was mixed with the bacterial strains mixture, with bacterial strains mixture accounting for 20 percent of the total weight. The resulting mixture was then fermented for 10 days under conditions of 60% water content and 30℃ constant temperature, and the nutrient content of the fermented product was determined. The fermented rice straw was added in the proportion of 3-3.5% to prepare mixed feed for feeding experimental meat ducks.  The test indicated that in the fermented product protein content increased by 9 percentand crude fiber decreased by 11 percentThe breeding test of meat duck showed that, compared with the control group, the experiment group was more cost effective under the condition of similar feed-meat ratios




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