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As a new type of feed additives, cellulase plays an important role in both animal production and environmental protection. In this paper is given a general review of the structure and physical-chemical properties of cellulose, the development in cellulose research, the nutritional effects of cellulase, the selective breeding and characteristics of cellulose strain, and the way to determine enzyme.


本论文研究了RC-2的酶活力,影响酶活力条件的探索及测试分解滤纸的能力。采用了葡萄糖标准曲线法,液体培养法。所得出的结果是当用查别氏培养基培养RC-2时,其最适酶液稀释度为10倍,底物浓度为0.6%,温度为40℃,显色时间为5min时,测定的酶活力最稳定; RC-2的CMC活力是92522u/g; RC-2的滤纸酶法(FPA)活力是45122u/g;RC-2的天然纤维素酶活力是2667u/g,有比较好的滤纸分解能力。因此RC-2是一株高产酶菌株。


In this paper, a study is conducted of the enzyme activity of RC-2, the conditions affecting the activity of RC-2, and the ability of RC-2 in decomposing filter paper. Methods: Glucose Standard Curve and Liquid Culture. Results: If 查别氏culture medium is employed for the culture of RC-2, enzyme activity is most stable when the optimum dilution of enzyme solution is set at ten times, substrate concentration at 0.6%, temperature at 40, developing time at 5 minutes. RC-2 possesses very good capacity for decomposing filter paper, with its CMC activity being 93522u/g, its FPA being 45122u/g and its natural cellulase activity being 2667u/g. It is thus concluded that RC-2 is a highly productive strain of enzyme.




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