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AbstractCellulase is currently the feed enzyme that enjoys wide application in feed industry. Many experimental results showed that the addition of appropriate amount of cellulase in animal feed can increase the utilization rate of feed and quicken the growth of animals, and the effect on ruminant animals is especially remarkable. Cellulase, which has a high value of practical application, is produced by means of microorganism fermentation. This paper is a general review of the determination of enzyme activity in cellulose-decomposing bacteria & the development and utilization of wheat bran.




This article is a study of the capability of cellulose-decomposing bacteria in decomposing filter paper and the effect of the wheat bran zymotechnics. DNS technique was adopted to determine the FPA enzymatic activity. A summarized analytical technique for feed nutrient was employed to determine the nutrient contents of products before and after fermentation. The results showed that the 6-day culture with CBC medium revealed the highest FPA enzyme activity of  0.023uml, and that after 7 days fermentation of wheat bran with cultured RC-2, crude fiber declined by 1.22%, while crude protein increased by 1.3%. After fermentation, wheat bran changed from chips to granular forms and emitted a certain aroma. The study demonstrated that cellulose-decomposing bacteria RC-2 is highly capable of fiber decomposition and can decrease the crude fiber and increase the crude protein of wheat bran and make the product full of aroma.     




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