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      Period of quality guarantee

1  #质量保证期为自最终验收协议签署生效之日起的12个月。在此期间,系统及设备发生任何非人为原因造成的故障和损坏,均由供货方负责免费修复,失效零件予以免费更换,所更换的部件三包期从更换之日起重新计算。需供货方派员来用户方现场维修,则用户以传真方式通知供货方,供货方应在24小时内响应,5个工作日内派员抵达用户方免费实施修理,因投标方造成的设备停工时间应在质量保证期中予以相应延长。

      # The period of quality guarantee is 12 months counting from the day when the agreements of inspection and acceptance are signed and take effect. During this period, the supplier is responsible to handle, without charge of fees, any trouble and damage of the system and equipments that arise from other causes than human behaviors. The non-performing spare parts should be replaced for free. And the period of quality guarantee for the replaced parts will be calculated from the day of replacement. If it is necessary for the supplier to send workers over to conduct on-the-spot repairs, the user will inform the supplier by fax. The supplier should respond within 24 hours and send workers over within 5 workdays to conduct free on-the-spot repairs. The time of ceased operation of the equipments caused by the bidding party should be compensated for in the period of quality guarantee.




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