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Life is Flower


——The poetic flavor and fantasy in Fu Liya’s painting



Fu Liya’s painting, when encountered for the first time, strike you as something emerging from a fairytale wonderland, those exaggerated large flowers, fresh, tender and splendid… Emitting from the painting is always the cozy and honey-like comfort and warmth, which is so great that it keeps you wondering whether the pictures are wrought with too much sweetness. Going deeper into it, however, you will discover that the sweet images are not the pure and innocent fairytale world but rather a mental odyssey painted by a sensitive and intelligent woman, an odyssey of sadness, happiness, bitterness and pleasure of human life as well as that of contradictions and puzzles. In her meticulous experience and reflection are enveloped the heavily loaded nucleus of life. 


Fu Liya’s works don’t belong to the challenging and rebellious type in modern feminine art, but they don’t fall into the boudoir category, either. The resilience, tenacity and thriving force of feminine vigor find rich expression in her works, although in a very subtle way and under the mask of peacefulness and mildness. This way of expression seems to have less to do with modern feminist movement but more to do with the remote faith in female goddess and the power of female deity. As an artist with a unique individual style, Fu Liya has always been following her own genuine mental experience and constructing on the canvas, with romantic imagination and surreal expression, an elaborate and wonderful world of fable, childlike innocence, love, poem and fantasy.  



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