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Section 1 Contract-related


1. Licensee shall indemnify and save SOS harmless from and against any claims, demands, actions, damages, losses,  costs, liabilities or expenses whatsoever, including reasonable attorneys fees, incurred by SOS and which SOS is legally  liable as a result of claims arising from any non-fulfillment of any obligation on the part of Licensee under this Agreement  or any negligent or willful act of Licensee, its officers, employees, agents or subcontractors, relating to the obligations of  Licensee under this Agreement.


The foregoing indemnity shall be subject to the requirement that Licensee be afforded an opportunity at its sole expense,  to resist, defend or compromise any such claim made by any third party.


2.  (本句难度较大,供高手选译,可做可不做)If either party hereto receives a notice of a claim or the commencement of  an action against it in respect of which such party (the Indemnified Party) is entitled to seek indemnification from the  other party under Sections 4.1 or 4.2 above, the Indemnified Party shall notify the other party (the Indemnifying Party) as  soon as reasonably practicable following receipt of such notice. If, and as from such time as, the Indemnifying Party elects  to resist, defend and/or compromise any such action, and so notifies the Indemnified Party, the Indemnifying Party,  notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, shall not be liable to the Indemnified Party for any subsequent  legal or other expenses incurred by the Indemnified Party in connection with any such action, other than reasonable and  necessary costs of investigation or of providing requested information, testimony and/or requested assistance.


Section 2 IT-related


Internal and external forces of convergence are taking hold of the telecommunications industry. Convergence of local and  national voice services dramatically changed the telecom landscape, as competition flourished. Now, voice and data  services are converging rapidly. Soon, customers will be able to access any content or application seamlessly from a  multitude of networks, using any device of their choosing.


Industry players are gearing up to harness the potential of converging technology, networks, devices and content to  develop multimedia services and solutions of ever-increasing sophistication on a single Internet Protocol (IP). Evolving  customer demands for content from an increasing variety of sources will require telecom providers to engage in a complex  web of collaboration with the media and entertainment, IT and consumer electronics industries.


This growth in supply and demand for new technologies and services facilitated by IP technology will blur the traditional  boundaries of service, device and network
giving rise to a new "converged ecosystem" where telecom companies must  partner to create value. As the single-product, voice-only world of telecom evolves into a multifaceted services industry,  simple connectivity will be increasingly commoditized. Value will be created by providing services and solutions to  consumer, enterprise and public sector customers.


Section 3 Mobile-related


Only a phone when you want it to be
This campaign is about the many features built into the 6255i. We model the look of this campaign after the film of great  automotive photography, as in Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW or Audi. Automotive directors often use the term
liquid light  to describe their approach a quality of lighting that makes every curve, seam and surface glisten. This lighting makes the  most of the 6255is style and substance. It enhances details. These details reflect a wide range of features, as well as a  high degree of care, quality, and precision.
Through voice-over language and beautiful close-ups of the 6255i, we help our viewer think he is watching a commercial  for a quality automobile with many specialized features.


Section 4 Banking-related


Unfortunately, the growing preponderance of regulation related to risk management such as Basel II, Solvency II,  International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Sarbanes-Oxley is exerting tremendous influence on this new  role and threatens to typecast the risk management function as a defensive discipline operating in highly legalized  environments. How can todays CRO counteract the natural tendency toward becoming overly risk averse, and instead  equip business leaders to take risks in line with business strategies? How can executives drive risk management deeper  into the everyday decisions made across their enterprises and convert the risk management function into a value-added  contributor to the business?


Taking a holistic approach to risk management with this type of framework makes the CRO and the rest of the  organization more clairvoyant. It provides a clearer view of the combined effect of enterprise risks and can help turn  decision makers in all parts of the business into better-informed risk managers. Instead of focusing predominantly on  compliance or being perceived as a hindrance that slows down business decisions, the risk management function can offer  clear and balanced views of both threats and opportunities and contribute significantly to better business results.



 第二部分  IT相关

1. 通讯产业正形成内部与外部力量的融合。 随着竞争的加剧,地方和全国语音服务的整合极大地改变了通讯的现状。现在,语音和数据服务正在迅速整合。不久,用户便可以利用他们任意选择的设备从众多网络中无缝地存取任何内容和应用。








第三部分  移动相关



这一运动是为了彰显内嵌于6255i中的许多特色。我们借鉴了精彩的汽车摄影的做法,LexusMercedes BenzBMWAudi。汽车摄影导演常用"液光"来描述他们的作法--一种让每一曲线、每一边缝和每一平面都闪闪发光的光照品质。淋漓尽致地展示了6255i的高雅和质地。完美呈现每一细节。这些细节反映了许多特色,以及高度的精细、品质和精确性。





第四部分  银行相关



可是,风险管理相关规定越来越凸现其重要性--Basel II, Solvency II,    、国际金融报道标准(IFRS)以及 Sarbanes-Oxley--这一点正对这一新的角色产生巨大的影响,并将风险管理功能塑造为在高度法制法环境下运作的防卫性规则。当今的CRO怎么能消除对风险极度厌恶这一自然趋势从而让商业领袖敢于承担商业策略中的风险呢?管理人员如何更深入地将风险管理贯彻在企业日常所做出的决策中并将风险管理功能转化成为企业增值的贡献者?



























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